FOI 5434- Histology Productivity and Digital Pathology Usage

Date: 26 March 2020 to 26 March 2023

Section 1: Respondent/response details

Q1: Respondent/response details

  • Name of acute hospital trust 
  • Address of acute hospital trust 
  • Name of laboratory providing histology services 
  • Address of laboratory providing histology services 

Section 2: Details of laboratory that provides histopathology services for your trust


Q2: What was the funding model of your histology laboratory in 2018

  • NHS laboratory 
  • Outsourced (Public)
  • Outsourced (Private)
  • Other (please specify)


Q3: Were histology and NG-Cytology services provided by the same service/laboratory (cellular pathology) in 2018 [Y/N]  

  • If [Y] please provide the following detail
  • Number of NG-Cytology requests received
  • Number of NG-Cytology slides produced


Q4: was your histology laboratory a referral centre for specialist testing in 2018 [Y/N] – (receives and processes referred work from other laboratories)

  • If [Y] please detail the following
  • Number of referral requests received
  • Number of referral slides received


Q5: Was your histology laboratory part of a pathology network in 2018 [Y/N]

  • If [Y] please detail the following 
  • Number of laboratories within the network 
  • Names of laboratories – please list [FREE TEXT] 
  • Nature of each laboratory in network (Hub laboratory or spoke/ESL) 


Q6: Did your histology laboratory send a significant proportion of cases to an external “outsourcing” service (e.g. Source Bioscience) for reporting in 2018 [Y/N]

  • If [Y] please provide the following details
  • Number of requests outsourced
  • Number of slides outsourced


Q7: Staffing – please complete the following table indicating how many whole time equivalent (WTE) staff you employed in your histology laboratory during 2018 at the indicated grades 



Permanent staff (WTE)

Bank/locum staff (WTE)

Agenda for change band 2



Agenda for change band 3



Agenda for change band 4



Agenda for change band 5



Agenda for change band 6



Agenda for change band 7



Agenda for change band 8



Medical staff (Pathologists)



  • Band 2/3/4 (Medical laboratory assistants, associate practitioners, or administrative staff)
  • Band 5/6 (Biomedical scientists)
  • Band 7/8 (Senior biomedical scientists, managerial staff)


Q8: Staffing roles – please provide detail on the approximate time spent by biomedical scientist staff on dissection or diagnosis (reporting) during 2018


Dissection (WTE)

Reporting (WTE)

Agenda for change band 6



Agenda for change band 7



Agenda for change band 8




Q9: Please provide details below for the number, severity, and type of any errors or adverse incidents recorded in your histology laboratory during 2018 related to the laboratory, and the reporting process 

  • The reporting process relates to the production of a diagnostic report from the analysis of stained slides/virtual slides





Number of errors



Number of AIRS (no-harm/minor)



Number of AIRS (moderate)



Number of AIRS (severe)



  • AIR = Adverse incident


Section 3: Budgetary breakdown 

Q10: Please provide the following details on service costs for 2018

  • Income
  • Non-pay costs
  • Pay costs
  • Total costs


Income and costs should be for the histology service for 2018 (If it is not possible to separate histology from cytology service provision please provide total service costs for both combined with an estimate for histology) 

Section 4: Workload breakdown 

Q11: Please provide the following information on laboratory workloads for 2018 

  • Number of histology requests received
  • Number of histology slides produced
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    FOI 5434
  • Category:
    Trust - Service Data
  • Response:

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