FOI 5623-Formal Complaints

Date: 17 September 2019 to 17 September 2022

Do you offer customer service training in your Trust for all or some staff and which staffing groups?


Where there is figures asked for the period we are interested in is 2018-2019.


Formal Complaints

Do you have a complaints satisfaction questionnaire sent to complainants and at what stage do you sent it?  Please provide a copy.

How do you collect the data and what do you do with it?

What response timescales do you set for complaints initially?

Do you allow extensions to complaints and if so for how long and how many?

What is your response performance? (average number of days to produce a response and percentage within the agreed timescales)

Do you provide: how to deal with a complaint or investigation into a complaint training for your staff?

How many complaints a year do you receive?

How do you disseminate the learning/actions from complaints?

Who signs your complaint responses?

How are your complaints managed and by who?

What is your complaint staff full time equivalent head count?

Do your complaint investigators also investigate incidents (SI, RCA etc.)?

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