Changes to parking charges at Medway Maritime Hospital

Date: 20 October 2015

Following a comprehensive review of parking facilities at Medway Maritime Hospital a decision has been made to make some changes to the parking charges for our visitors.

What does this mean for visitors?

From the 26 October, the tariff for visitors parking between 5-24 hours at Medway Maritime Hospital Hospital will increase from £5 to £8. All rates up to five hours – which account for 89% of our visitors – will remain unchanged.

Why has this decision been made?

Car parking onsite at the hospital is challenging and has been for a considerable period of time. For too long our visitors have had trouble finding spaces on our site, especially at peak times. Our primary objective is to improve patient experience and being able to access the hospital’s services promptly and conveniently is an important factor in this.

How will increasing charges improve parking provision for visitors?

Our intention is to improve the parking facilities for visitors to Medway Maritime Hospital. By increasing parking charges for a small number of our visitors, we will be able to increase the number of parking spaces available. Any surplus income beyond this will be put directly back into patient care to improve the services we offer to our patients.

Is this a money making scheme?

No, the sole purpose of this exercise is to improve parking facilities for patients at the hospital. A review of neighbouring NHS organisations has shown that our new rates are still among the cheapest.

Will concessions still apply?

Yes, we offer a range of other concessions to make car parking accessible for all our patients and visitors and these will remain unaffected. This includes parking for parents or guardians of children on paediatric wards and for the next of kin of patients on critical, intensive or high dependency units.
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