Enhancing parent experience on baby health checks

Date: 19 June 2015

New parents now benefit from greater privacy and comfort while babies receive vital health checks at Medway Maritime Hospital.
This is thanks to a new IT system that has been installed which has transformed the way the Trust collects, stores and manages data from physical examinations of newborn babies and infants.
All babies must be routinely examined within 72 hours of birth. The new system brings a benefit to parents of a dedicated room where this check, and others where needed, can be carried out. This gives parents greater comfort, ease and privacy while their baby is being examined and allows greater opportunity for them to be involved and ask questions. Previously, checks were carried out at the mother’s bedside on post-natal wards.
The NIPE Smart technology, which went live in June, provides a robust and consistent means of capturing data from routine checks. Medway is only the second Trust in Kent to adopt it (Maidstone being the first).
First-time parents Hayley Elliott and Nathan Collis, from Lordswood, were involved when Midwife Pari Cheesman examined their newborn daughter Willow in the new dedicated room.
Mr Collis said: “It can be quite noisy on the ward so it is nice to have some privacy.”
The NIPE system has been installed at no cost to the Trust. It replaces a paper-based system and provides quality assurance around several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
Dr Ghada Ramadan, Consultant Neonatologist, said doctors and midwives had embraced the new system, with around 70 staff members trained to use it. She said: “Parents are generally happier as we are finding they are more engaged with their baby’s check, they are more involved and feel they can ask questions more freely as they now have greater privacy than behind a curtain. This has really been a shared positive experience.”
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