Medical research at Medway: more than clinical innovation

Date: 24 July 2017

Get involved with research at Medway

Research in the NHS, and at Medway Maritime Hospital, covers a wide range of clinical areas and aspects of care.

Across our services and disciplines, our doctors and nurses are working with our patients to develop and trial new clinical procedures, treatments and medicines.

These ‘traditional’ types of research are only part of the story though. One of the important ways that NHS research is supporting improving services is by looking at how they are delivered as well as what is being delivered.

One of the current projects taking place here at Medway is part of a nation-wide study being funded by the Department of Health looking at how vascular services are organised in the NHS and whether they are being delivered in the best way for patients.

Vascular services treat a range of conditions from varicose veins to diabetes-related issues to aortic aneurysms, where the tubes supplying blood to the heart can dangerously swell.

As part of our research we are asking people who don’t currently have a vascular condition – but, like all of us, could potentially develop one – how they think they would want their treatment organised, the sort of priorities that these treatments should have (for example: if they had to choose, should treatment prioritise minimising clinical risk or minimising pain), and how far they would be prepared to travel for treatment.

Dr Edyta McCallum, Head of Research and Development at Medway Maritime Hospital, explains: “When we’re providing health care, the most important thing is to make sure that we’re focusing on our patients’ needs.

“It’s very easy for clinicians to come up with a model of care or a way of treating a condition that is convenient for them or that make sense on paper but that aren’t right for the individual needs of patients.

“By looking at these sort of important issues, the NHS can make sure that the way it organises its services reflect the views of the people who will need them as closely as possible.”

Get involved in research at Medway

There are currently dozens of different research projects taking place across the Trust. Many of these offer access to some of the newest available treatments to treat clinical conditions.

Others are involved in developing live- saving and life-changing forms of treatment, or look into how NHS services can be delivered more safely, more effectively and in the best way possible to support the needs of our patients.

If you are a patient who would like to know if there are any research projects taking place in the department that is caring for you and that you might be eligible for, please ask one of the nurses or doctors caring for you.

Your participation could potentially make a real difference to NHS care – both your own, and for other people.

You can also contact our research team directly. Please contact or call 01634 830000 ext 6736 to find out more.

  • Summary:

    Across our services and disciplines, our doctors and nurses are working with our patients to develop and trial new clinical procedures, treatments and medicines.