New minor injuries unit

Date: 27 November 2015

Medway NHS Foundation Trust has opened a brand new unit within its Emergency Department for people with minor injuries.
The previous unit was outdated, often overcrowded and had not been refurbished for over 15 years. The new unit, which cost around £2m, is designed to make patients feel more comfortable and at ease when they come into A&E with a minor injury.
The new unit includes:
  • A new walk-in entrance, with a modern and spacious reception area
  • A waiting room specially designed for minor injury patients, to create a calmer and more welcoming environment
  • Two new ‘triage’ bays, where patients can be quickly assessed to plan the treatment they need
  • Seven new minor injury treatment rooms – up from five in the past – including one specifically for eye injuries and one for people needing plaster casts
  • A shop and café, so patients can get refreshments without having to leave the Emergency Department
Consultant & Clinical Lead for Emergency Medicine, Dr Andrew Stradling, said "The opening of this new unit finally brings our emergency department into the 21st century. We hope that patients coming to hospital feel comfortable here at what is a difficult time for them.
As staff, we are delighted by the new facility and believe it will help us to treat patients better and more quickly than ever before".
The Trust is now progressing with the next phase of its £13.4 million major redevelopment programme. This will see new units for resuscitation and people requiring emergency care, including state of the art technology and facilities.
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