Trust invests £1.5 million in new medical equipment for patients

Date: 18 July 2016

Medway NHS Foundation Trust, with support from the League of Friends charity, has pledged to invest £1.5million during the 2016/17 financial year on new medical equipment for patients - enhancing levels of patient care and safety across the Trust.
Investment in innovative, state-of-the-art equipment is crucial in ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. Some of the equipment to be purchased includes 22 new medical monitors which will replace outdated models.
They are able to detect signs of illness or deterioration in a patient’s condition, such as subtle breathing abnormalities which other monitors are unable to detect. This allows clinicians to stay regularly updated on the patient’s condition and adjust their treatment plan accordingly.
Other equipment includes new neonatal incubators, ultrasound machines and full replacement of the Trusts 48 defibrillators - which can save the lives of patients experiencing cardiac arrest.
Darren Cattell, Director of Finance, explains, “As a Trust we are committed to make investments in services that will improve the levels of safety and care we deliver to our patients. The £1.5 million investment will provide our medical teams with the equipment and technology they need to treat our patients more effectively than ever before”.
The Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, recently visited the Trust and said: ‘I am very impressed by the progress that has been made. Change always takes time, but I feel that they [Medway NHS Foundation Trust] are really turning a corner”.
In their latest fieldwork visit, the CQC found ‘significant improvements’ in both safety and leadership within the Trust - demonstrating the steady progress Medway is making on its recovery programme after years if instability.
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