Semen tests (andrology)

A semen test involves the microscopic examination of semen to assess the concentration, motility and morphology of the sperm. The test can also look for the presence of anti-sperm antibodies which may affect mobility of the sperm.

Delivery of samples to the Pathology Department

Patients in the care of a hospital consultant should deliver their semen sample to the main reception of the Pathology department within one hour of being produced in a sterile, toxicity tested sample pot as provided.
GP and post-vasectomy samples may also be delivered within these times. Post-vasectomy samples may be delivered within four hours of being produced.

Opening hours

Tuesday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)
8.00am to 12.00pm
Turnaround times are usually within 10 days.

Find us

Pathology Department
Main reception
Red Zone
Level 4
If you need to arrange delivery outside of these hours, please telephone the microbiology department.
Telephone 01634 830000 ext 3432 or 5231